Rissta Sketchbook

Hey guys, I thought it was high time to keep a sketch book here. Trying to improve my sculpting. I’d love any constructive criticism.

I’ll start with new work on the Pinhead the pinhead character I did for a zbrush halloween contest. I thought it was pretty good back then…

Previous wip.







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This is excellent. I just completed a PINHEAD of my own, which I’ll be posting soon. It was a struggle to capture the likeness of the actor, which I don’t think I have 100%. I think you have captured it quite nicely. It’s interesting to see another interpretation at the same time I’m thinking about the same forms and shapes. Very cool !

Thank you, Dopepope! You’re not kidding about it being a struggle. I tell people it’s like wack-a-mole where every new gesture reveals a new bad feature that needs to be fixed until you finally erode it down to a semblance of the character. I found particularly tough because the half inch of latex prosthetic mask mucks up common anatomy all over his head. Like around his mouth. The upper part orbicularis oris and depressor anguli blend into a huge feature He looks like a grown evil cherub or something. Plus I made the mistake of using more than one movie as reference and each one is different so in the end I stuck with Bloodline. I’m keeping a look out for your post!

untextured version of a female bust I’m working on.

display_tilt copy.jpg

thaaaat looks like Avril Lavigne 100% :slight_smile:

Thank you! Seems so few know what she looks like.

Damn, this looks cool, did you use fibermesh for the eyebrows and the eyelashes?

I’m really curious what the end result will look like. Keep up the good work!!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Really cool stuff! :+1:

She looks great. How’d you manage the lashes, might I ask?

Thank you everyone. I placed the eyelashes with IMM brush I made with up and down lash versions. That idea I learned from Rafael Grassetti’s Portrait post. The eyebrows are xgen groomable spines.

Love your work! Rendering with keyshot or Zbrush BPR?

I have a question, on you female bust, will you be able to get that in a STL file for people that want to do 3D printing. and would Like a realistic face to practice painting on and or use it as a sculpture.