Rings with a Feather. Sculpted jewelry

Design of a charming ring with a gold feather, which gently touch the surface, arousing light soft waves.

Made in a laconic style, emphasizing the elegance of the wearer.

I made this ring in two versions — with a wide base in the form of waves diverging on the surface from the touch of a feather, and with a thin elegant ring, which also has light and smooth transitions of waves on the surface.

Feather Ring - Elegance - 1
Feather Ring - Elegance - 2
Feather Ring - Waves

Feather Rings - 3

Feather Ring - Elegance - model 1
Feather Ring - Elegance - model 2
Feather Ring - Waves - model 1
Feather Ring - Waves - model 2
Feather Ring - Waves - model 3
Feather Ring - Waves - model 4

…of course, this rings is not for every day
This rings is for special events. It will be very appropriate where art is valued…

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