Rigging/posing in ZBrushCore?

Hi! New member here. I’m just learning the basics. So I started out with a ZSphere form that I did the adaptive skin on and have done a ton of work on it, even exported (as an .obj) and re-imported it during the process so I don’t know if the ZSpheres are still there or how to access them. I cannot find any information on this anywhere, can you do any rigging or posing at all after you already have a form with ZBrushCore or are you basically stuck with what you make initially? The pose isn’t exactly right and, while it’s a minor thing, it’s annoying me, lol. Thank you!

I’m afraid it’s not possible to do any rigging in ZBrushCore. Although you can sculpt on a ZSphere preview mesh if you then go back to the ZSpheres to change the pose any sculpting is lost.

Are you going to add the transpose master sometime in the future for zbrushcore? Because I really want to ve able to rig my models and i don’t want to start over my previous models

Hi @Viripotence ,

Welcome to ZBC! :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I don’t have any information on what plans there are for ZBrushCore but I will pass on your request to the developers.