Riflebow 3D prop rendered (Untamed Artstation 3D prop challenge)

Hi everyone,

This is the prop #2 (of 3) that I submitted for this year’s Artstation 3d prop design (rendered) challenge.
This amazing Riflebow concept art is made by Alizé Giraud for the previous concept art phase of this challenge. I deviated a little bit from the original concept art as I had decided to take 3 different props from 3 different concept artists and combine them into a single challenge entry!
I had started out thinking that I would go in the stylized direction, but then looking at the sheer volume of stylized versions coming up in the challenge, AND finding myself with a little more time than anticipated, I decided to go with the realism look. It’s not super realistic either, but I pushed the realism only upto a point, till where I could pull off a serious fantasy VFX prop look for it. I added the spiral emissive runes across all 3 props to make them look like they belong to the same world/faction/group. I am happy to have challenged myself the way I did with this entry. Here is a link to the final entry. In the future I may create marmoset viewers/turntables for each of these 3 props for a portfolio. All the best, hope you all enjoy scrolling through.
Contest entry link >>


C&C most welcome!

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