Richter Belmont figure and 3d print

Hi everyone,

Here’s my latest work, Richter Belmont from Castlevania Symphony of the Night. This was supposed to be my submission for the Retrogasm. Sadly I could not finish in time for an unforeseen event. But anyway Hope you dig it! its based off my favorite character of the series.

Learned quite a bit since i experimented a lot with this piece. Regardless I’m proud of my progress and its been quite a learning experience. Still plenty to learn but I’m excited as day one to keep pushing myself to grow. Ill upload some better photos of the 3d print itself later this week since I’m trying to primer it over the weekend, and will print the whip tonight.

You are all a great motivation, and makes me happy to see the bar being set even higher each time!

Edit: seems 3d print images were too large and couldn’t upload. you can check them out at my artstation: https://Roninloui.artstation.com


Hi everyone,

Here are some quick photos of the 3d print. Printed it on my Form2. still havent printed the whip.




I absolutely love this! I’m a HUGE Castlevania Fan. I recently going into 3d Printing. I have a Ender 3 pro just to start out and dive into the 3D Printing World.
So if you dont mind me asking, would it be possible to get the print files for this Richter Belmont? I would not sell it for this will be for my personal big Castlevania collection.
Thanks for your time!


I appreciate it! happy to see more people join the 3d printing family! I’m super glad you liked the Richter Belmont as well, I’m a huge fan of the character and the series in general.

I’m currently trying to figure out how i can make this available or putit up for download on a website probably a patron or for sale since it helps me cover at least some part of the resin costs so i can make sure it prints perfectly before I make it available. Trying to work that out for a super accessible price. I updated this 3d model recently since some parts were too thin and the base wasn’t supporting the full weight. I don’t own the IP so I’m not going to sell it or mass produce it. Just would like to see how much people are interested and just share it hopefully so that everyone can enjoy it and have their own Richter and my other models as wel. :slight_smile: