Hi guys! This is my first digit-double projects, a likeness study of the actress Daisy Ridley, from Star Wars 9 in the role of “Rey”. I choose to start this project for improving my sculpting skills in ZBrush and deepen knowledge of facial anatomy. I’m responsible for all aspects.

Disp Light Wire 2

Eyes close-up

Eyes Eyes_BW Eyes light disp

I started in ZBrush, sculpting primary and secondary forms using reference images of the actress from the web. After retopology in Maya, I added skin details and imperfections by hand, pore by pore creating my own alphas, without any scans. Also, the iris was sculpted by hand.

Same thing for all textures, hand painted in Substance Painter and Mari, using UDIM workflow. For grooming I used XGen and it was my first attempt with it. Finally, I used V-Ray for look development, lighting and rendering. Nuke and Photoshop for compositing and minor adjustments.

I hope you like it!

More details on: ArtStation - Rey, Damiano Murvana