Revolver Ocelot

Hi! I’d like to share with you fun art for one of my favorite video game series Metal Gear Solid, it is so much fun to play in this game.
Below hipoly: Zbrush render, lowpoly in-game model: real-time preview in Marmoset.

ZBrush is my first choice software and I did not want to use other programms so I tried to make game ready model in ZBrush.
Hipoly, textures, retopology done entirely in ZBrush. Lowpoly hair baked from Zbrush FiberMesh.


Dmitry Gaborak 4.jpg

Dmitry Gaborak 6.jpg

Dmitry Gaborak 9.jpg

It’s awesome man can you show a breakdown?

Ohhh that’s awesome !
Can you make “making off” ?

Great work! Top Row! :+1:

Outstanding as usual. Read your interview recently, good insight. Interested to find out how you baked the hair.

nice, reminds old Snake from mgs4 somehow.
‘making of’ would be interesting, texturing in particular.

Thank you guys for kind words! Im glad to hear it!

Do you mean textures or you want to see the entire topology?