reverse tumble ?

Hello, long time lurker here… I normally like figuring out programs on my own and hate asking questions, but this one has been driving me absolutely insane since day one of opening zbrush.

is it possible to reverse the viewport tumble?

Every single 3d application I have ever used has this as an option, hell, every video game i’ve ever played has this as an option. But after struggling with zbrush for the last 3 years I still haven’t been able to find a way to reverse the tumble. This issue drives me completely insane when i try to sculpt, its so bad that i simply cant use it. i get so frustrated just trying to LOOK at my sculpt that i cant continue sculpting. I haven’t been able to get through a single tutorial because of this. I have almost a hundred random files on my hard drive where i started a tutorial or just stared to sketch, got frustrated because i couldn’t look at what i was working on without getting lost and finally gave up.

i really want to learn this program. i’ve spent hours upon hours trying to get used to the way it is by default but its just not working.

if anyone knows where the setting is, or if there isn’t one and they have a script or something that can do this for me it would be greatly appreciated, cause right now it feels like i wasted my money.


Are you using a mouse? Are you talking about inverted Y-Axis rotation?

yes, inverted y-axis.
no, i’m not using a mouse.

Using a Wacom tablet?

For mouse I don’t like inverted Y-axis. For gaming with controllers I do. To me it seems odd to use a drawing tablet with invert y-axis rotation. I know it can be frustrating but you might have to get used to it. I would recommend turning it off in other programs when using the same input device (tablet, mouse, etc.) as Zbrush.

For example whenever I use my mouse or tablet I don’t have inverted Y for every program. When using a controller or trackball I do have inverted Y in every program. This helps my muscle memory to adjust based on the input device I’m using. If I don’t have inverted Y when using a controller it really throws me off, but if I play the same game or program with a mouse and keyboard it feels normal with it off.

*edit Forgot to add. I don’t think you can invert the Y in Zbrush. Zbrush is a bit different than other 3d programs as it’s specifically designed around using a drawing tablet.