Retired Spartan !

Hi everyone, This is my first post in the Zbrush Central , and I’m really excited to show my work to all. I have sculpted almost everything in Zbrush including sculpting, polypainting, and rendering. And the final composition has been done in Photoshop. Hope you all like it. :smiley:






It’s looking great you really make spartan in diffrent style:D

Great work Sanjay! :wink:

Beautifully done, brother… Keep the spirit up !!!

Tnx Bro :):smiley:

A Really nice concept nd sclupt. The Feel of the character is coming out nice nd strong.

TOP ROW Stuff. Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanku so much for such kind words :slight_smile:

Fantastic concept. Never thought of Spartans this way. Maybe you could detail it more ? Detail in the skin pores and increase the resolution? :smiley: