Restrictions on use of built-in zTools?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum. Are there any legal restrictions on the use of the built-in ZBrush zTools, like Super-Average Man? Obviously I wouldn’t just pop one of those models into my game engine without modification. But can I use the average man or the female model as a basis for creating my own sculpts for use in a game?

I’ve Googled ZBrush terms of use but can’t find the relevant restrictions (if any). I can’t find a link to the Terms of Use in ZBrush itself, either. Where can I find it? I’m a lawyer, so I can read it myself if someone points me to the document – but I’d also be curious whether my specific question has already been asked and answered. Thanks.

Hi @Grotius

The EULA (License Agreement.txt) is in the root directory of your ZBrush installation. If what you are looking for is not listed in that document, you can contact Pixologic Support to get a definitive answer.

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@Grotius ,

You can’t redistribute the content, but otherwise I’m unaware of any restrictions on its use. Many artists would not want the content to be recognized as stock content, but using it as a basis for further modification is common.


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Thanks to both of you for your replies. I read the EULA and yes, it says more or less what Spyndel says. Oddly, it defines “Software” but not “Program.” And I’m a bit surprised it doesn’t have any specific provision dealing with the models that ship with ZBrush. But as Spyndel says, no self-respecting artist would want the unmodified dog zTool (as nice as it is) in their game or portfolio anyway, lol.

I’m getting better at making my own human models from primitives anyway, so I’ll just probably stick with my homebrew approach. I just need to practice at keeping my mesh clean.

Thanks again.