Request: ZBrush -> VRmesh Format

That is great to hear, hope you find it useful. Let me know if you think of anything I can improve.

Chooj, you might also want to check you are using the latest ply2vrmesh executable.

I’ve updated the “ply2vrmesh” file and now the script works! Now there is a little issue - if I import more than one subtool in one single file, I see only the first subtool in 3ds max, the other subtools is gone… But I can use “Export to multiple files” button and this works fine. The main question is - is it possible to transfer polypaint data in 3ds max with Vraymesh Exporter? Maybe there is a way to convert polypaint to vertex color? Anyway, thank you for the great script! : )

Thanks for the feedback Chooj, I have uploaded a new version in my previous post which should fix the single VRMesh file export. I also added the Merge Voxels option, that I think prevents overlapping voxels, and an option to open the export folder in Windows Explorer / Finder.

Polypaint is exported as vertex colours but ply2vrmesh does not currently support them in .obj files (vertex colours are not part of the Wavefront Object specification). I will try and figure something out when I get some spare time.

I’ve tested new version and Single File Export works fine, thanx!