Request: Nanomesh export as instance

At first glance, I didn’t think the nanomesh function differed that greatly from other instance scattering solutions in my native app, C4D. However, given powerful polygrouping functions in ZModeler I’m starting to see it as a very useful tool.

However, it still has limited functionality for me, as once the nanomesh is baked, it can result in very heavy geometry.
(Thinking city level environments here, with insane levels of destruction)

My request is simple. Is there a programmer out there, who can get the first nanomesh out as a base mesh and the subsequent ones as either native C4D instances or at the very least: Positional nulls with PSR information intact?

That would make my day.
And if not… Feature request please Pixologic. Implement this as part of GoZ.

Yes please!

Even better for me would be csv export for us in octane render :slight_smile:

Even better for me would be csv export for us in octane render

can t agree more :smiley:

instances coordinates along with rotation/scaling infos in an ascii file !

Hello, wait for the Marcus Civis reply but here is mine :
it could be done with some limitation . With zscript You could convert the instances to a mesh , autogroup, split by polygroups, and then access their position . The problem is the speed and the number of polygroups and subtools zbrush has.
Let’s see if there is a better way
if you don’t care about speed it could be done.

+1 nanomesh octane support please.

Yes yes yes. Array mesh and nanomesh instancing in 4R7 is super awesome but need to be able to export them to tap their true beauty! So yes, please, please make instances export-able to Octane renderer or simply to all external apps that support FBX instances.