Reposition a Tool for temporary symmetry work?

Hey everyone, I’ve got a question.

I’ve got a posed, out of symmetry human model, and today I wanted to make them smiling, so right now I’ve made some teeth.

Is there a way to place them, but return them to the scene center so I can do symmetry work on them, and return them into place? Or some variation of it, like having subtools that can mimic the rotation and translation of the teeth?

Could Markers do this? I’ve never fully understood how to use them.

I’m wondering this, say if I was doing a posed creature, could I manually move it’s head into a symmetrical position, and then somehow move it back and forth between pose and symmetry?

Hi @PrinceSquare

You can use S.Pivot and C.Pivot in the Transform palette.

2020-10-17 21_51_52-Zoner Photo Studio 17 PRO x64
Local Symmetry is also an option. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of S.Pivot and Local Symmetry.

Hi ZBER2, thank you greatly for the resources. Would using this S.Pivot method… is there possibly any way to, you know, set a position?

Say I’m modelling a dog with it’s head turned, I imagine I could use S.Pivot and align it’s head for symmetry work, and then C.Pivot would move it back in place (I think) Is there a way to repeatedly do it?

I’m even thinking about using deform and position and writing down the numbers and reversing them when needed.


If your mesh is asymmetrical, you would use Posable Symmetry. It is explained in the above video starting at minute 3:36.

Correct. I’m thinking and describing meshes that don’t always have symmetrical topology any longer and need world symmetry.

I have the same issue: a posed, rotated, translated head that I would like to move and rotate (and sometimes even scale) the subtool back to the origin so I can use the Zgrid.
And other times (now :slight_smile: ) I would like to swap a posed head for another .

C/S Pivot brings the sculpted subtool back to the origin, but it is not addressing rotation. And I don’t see how to move a new subtool to that pose/location except manually aligning with transparency on.

Is there a way to do this? Even if it requires writing down the translation and rotation values.

Thank you

Hey, yeah I never found an answer. I even offered a scripter (alot of money) to write a script that would record rotations and put them back, but halfway through talking he lost, like many, the simple idea and I just gave up.

Thank you for the response.

Bummer. With all the math zbrush must have under the hood, it seems like this should be trivial for – someone.

They have the cpivot function and posable symmetry function…
Now I am sculpting another head that will be placed on an already posed sculpt and going to just start from scratch and deal with scale and repositioning it manually – doing my best to align the head to posed hair, eyes, body, etc.

Maybe we are missing some existing function? Like a way to record and save and reload a layer that recorded the translation, rotation and scale values?

thanks again