Renaud Galand - Sketchbook

Hi all, first thread in this incredible artists community. I just wanted to show some of the work I did during the past using Zbrush. It’s a mix between professional and personal works. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Just a small part of the work I did as character artist @ 10tacle Studio Belgium (small video game company which closed his doors now).

and some personal works (speed sculpt/complete model) I did during the last months :

I didn’t want to overload this first post so I’ll post some in-game models in a future post. C&C are of course more than welcome :slight_smile:

Thx for watching :slight_smile:








Care to explain your workflow,it seems very cool workflow.How did you create the first image?

I’m surprised there are no comments so far. The work is wonderful.

eagleg : Thank you ! Well Actually, I think I’m doing pretty much like everbody. Building very simple base mesh in 3d package (max in my case) and then importing it in Zbrush for detailing. The sharp style on the first character has been created using flaten and standart brush. Nothing fancy :slight_smile:

royalwin : thank you :slight_smile:

cool models

yeah, really nice concepts!! like them alot!

very nice! love your style :slight_smile:
what material and lightning setup are you using if you mind me asking?

Salut Renaud quoi de neuf mec ?

Glad to see you posting your stuffs here man, that’s top quality :+1:

Keep them coming :slight_smile:

abe_Tamazir : Nothing complicated, I’m just using a few matcap from Zbrush and composite them into photoshop :slight_smile: I should start to learn Vray an such renderer, though.

ncollings : Ca roule, j’en serai plus fin Decembre :slight_smile: Thx !

thx guys, here’s a better render of the model I’m currently working on. I’m going for a RAGE-like character (desert rider) or something. Should add accessories very soon.


Very Nice…Great work! :+1:

I love the style of the first one! Very cool! I also really like the old rat guy and the googled character above him.

I love them! Specially first one. How did you manage those sharp edge lines? May I see base mesh also? It’s nice to see clean and not so “ZBrushed” blobby models :slight_smile:

Keep up good work!

Oh, I find base mesh from your homepage. Nice :+1:

Simply love the style and your great mad modeling skills. This post is going to be on top Row in no time!! Wonderful works! :+1: :+1:

outstanding *****

awesome collection of works!

yet, more stuff for the inspiration folder. nice work!!

Love the Frankenstein Monster!

Cool stuff as usual :slight_smile:

roger : thank you !
womball : thank you !
Jysky : Thank you ! What you found is the retopo model (the in-game model). The base mesh was really much more basic. About the sharpe edges, you just need the flaten tool and a bit of patience to get this result :slight_smile:
SolidSnakexxx : thank you !
invertedNormal : thank you !
waterfromdust : thank you !
Pedro Toledo : thank you ! hey how things are going at Bioware? :slight_smile:

Thx for the top row highlight ! It really made my day :slight_smile:

Update soon ^^

Great style man, i like it a lot. :smiley:

Congratulations on your talents!Striking models,incredible work…cheers cal