Remove the pinch from 5 poly stars.

I havent a clue if this has been mentioned but hey I havent found or seen a soloution.

You know when you smooth over your mesh and all the 5 poly pinches come though. While we try to avoid putting these in our topology there are always some on our meshes.

Simple and quick soloution is to use the Flattern brush, this completly looses the pinch.


pinch before.jpg


pinch after.jpg

hey man great tip!

Great. Thanks.

nice tip

Nice, I hadn’t thought of that. I wasted a lot of time trying to use the standard brush to pull those little verts out :lol:

nice find! i shall try when i get home!:slight_smile:

Hey - good find! I was always using a really sharp brush to pull those out. this looks much easier.

Great tip, thanks.

Sheesh! That is a great tip! Thanks!

Sweet! Thanks tez

thinks,very useful:+1:

Wonderful tip! Thanks so much.

thanx tez:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:…finally it works:):):slight_smile:

Fantastic hint! :+1: Thank you :smiley:

Thanks for the solution.

I love your modeling. Don’t like the babys tongue. sticking out.

Gives him character, he is a naughty boy. :smiley: I had textured him, just never posted it.