Remissisavemous Concept

I made that character nearly 5 mounts ago in a 3D Concept Design workshop. Here the story,

There is a foreign planet in another galaxy which is pretty same with earth as atmosphere and nature. That planet has more strong gravity than our world. So the animals who live in that planet have to evolve some skills for get over that gravity force. Remissisavemous has 2 different skills for survive in that hard to live world. The first skill is hidden on her back and the second one is on her abdominal region. She nearly 4 meter tall and has really heavy body. She has to become lighter for fly so when she want to fly her metabolism start to work harder and drain 4/3 of body water storage from her back. If that is not enough for flying than the second powerful skill is coming out. This animal storage her bodyfat in her abdominal area and she has three kind of big pores on top of the skin. When she wants to fly she start to throw out that bodyfat from her body within a gel.

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