how do you increase the maximum default resolution for the remesh tool for example? Max resolution is set to 1024? How do you increase the slider past this or change it to say 2048?

Hello @DetestedFruit

If you are referring to the “Remesh All” function in the Tool > Subtool palette, you can’t.

However, this is a legacy function that has largely been replaced by Dynamesh, which offers more control and higher rez.

Still, there is a limit to how much fine detail you can capture. Remember, this is a tool designed to be used more for the establishment of form, rather than fine detail. At a certain point, you will have to subdivide your mesh to increase its detail potential.

Yes I was. Absolutely no way? Dynamesh has issues with some kitbashed stuff and it seems this legacy remesh all would be fine for a quick and easy remesh if the resolution could be increased.

It might be more useful to delve into whatever issues you have with Dynamesh and “kitbashed stuff”. I can’t think of anything that function can do that Dynamesh or Zremesher can’t.

However, remeshing a high rez mesh usually involves subdividing the remeshed mesh sufficiently, and projecting the detail from the original onto it.

ZRemesher produces generally superior topology for a new low poly base. It won’t, however, fuse any geometry together that isn’t already welded. You’d have to first fuse a mesh with Dynamesh or Live Boolean.

If you’re ever finding that a remeshing tool does not deliver the sort of resolution you need, it’s usually a sign that you’re working outside the intended range of usefulness for the tool, and it is time to transition to a multiple subdivision level process.