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He’s just an Ogre…

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I think that I had just seen District 9 when I made this…

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Good Start!! :+1: :slight_smile:

Full Body Render but in need of some detail work.


A little more facial detail.


Alien King WIP

I’ve yet to come up with a crown type headpiece.

Any Ideas???


Viking: work in progress.

Please Critique.


Viking: Work in progress update.

Detailed more of the face, and hair. Fixed the gap between the head and helmet and solved the wandering eye issue.

Please critique.


Polypaint Version.

I forgot to save my Timelapse…errr


Tried to Polypaint this one, but soon realized that it hard to Polypaint over a Matcap Material.


Totally agree, polypainting is always a struggle for me in my work. I like the personality of this sculpt though! good job

Lookin pretty cool man. What matcap are you using when you’re polypainting? As far as my experience going, it’s always bad news painting on a matcap that has a color embedded in it that isn’t white. I always do my polypainting on the standard Skinshade4 because it’s very easy to see your shading/blending and whether the colors work together or not. Once you have your painting there, you can get your SSS shader or whatever else applied afterwards. That’s my method at least, hopefully somebody more experienced can chime in.

Thank Berreck!!! Much appreciated.

polariod29, I used the Loden 4 matcap from Pixo’s website I tweaked it a bit, but didn’t realize that after filling the object it would be fussy with polypaint. Your method seems to be in reverse order of my approach and the problem solver for me. Many thanks!!!

Messing around with Lightcaps and a sketch.



More Detail to the face.


I don’t think there is any way that neck could hold up that head.
Just my 2cents worth. Good model, though.



You are right about that. I have been putting a lot of emphasis on the head and now I have to work more on the body from the neck down.


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Adding some details…



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