Relay! Relay! Relay!



relay00.zip (15.8 KB)

I Got it I will Repost soon

and ill get it right after inkyspot posts. :slight_smile:

I would be glad to take it after Joopson

Thigs I did wrong.

I lost the low rez version to the model. (I don’t know how to recover it.
I’m still not very familar with Zbrushes interface.
Overall the image you see there took me 45 minutes, Finding my way around the interface, 1 hr and a half.

Sorry People




PLease Take the first obj Posted for the low rez version. I’m going back to to learn zbrush 3 a bit more.

skip me for now…thanks

can i join this challange :+1:

@InkySpot: Good work! Unfortunately, you couldn’t save out your .ztl for us to work on.
@DuoVante: Maybe later?
@MSMBrush: Welcome! Anyone can join in on the fun!

Here’s a 15min quickie that I did after InkySpot’s drop. Hope you don’t mind me sneaking in, Joopson. It’s all yours!
And if Joopson is sleeping at the moment, maybe MSMBrush can have a quick crack at it? BUT he has to return the tool with 45 min or before Joopson notices. Fair deal?
*I guess this rule applies to those nighttime zBrushers.



relay01.zip (178 KB)

Have Fun!

I got it!

I have the zbrush file, but it’s to big for me to attach it, if you can tell me how to do it another way, You can have it if you want.

i take this file an i m now starting it

yeah, i was asleep, ill get it after the next guy posts…

now i done with my changes and i am now tired soo ho is next :smiley: :white_small_square: :+1: :+1: msm_next-setup.jpg
you can downlaod file from here

plz click here to downlaod the file
:small_orange_diamond: :red_circle: MSMBRUSH:red_circle:

@MSMBrush: Nice results! Looks like the dog is waiting for the next relay. Good work!

Here’s another quick 15 minute sneak.

Who’s next?
relay04.ztl <click here>

Well done Msmbrush :slight_smile:

Tartan thnx for likking my progress :smiley: :large_orange_diamond: :+1: :+1:

I’ve got MSMBrush’s now.

ok, i got it!