Hi everyone!

This personal project derived from the idea of a cycle of human body. After death we all turn into soil where plants grow on. What if who we are also define what plant will grow above us? Our emotions, thoughts or experiences… Would they have any influence on this transformation?

Used Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Xgen, Arnold and Photoshop. Responsible for all tasks except fly simulation, all details are sculpted and painted by hand.

Flies by Serdar Yazıcı.



Grotesque and awesome. Some lovely organic sculpting & detailing.

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this remind me stranger things creature. disgustingly awesome.:clap:small_orange_diamond:clap:small_orange_diamond:clap:

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Agree with all of the above comments :rofl: would make an excellent movie or TV series monster :wink:

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Reminds me of my favorite movie, 1982’s The Thing. So …:heart_eyes:


Thank you so much for your beautiful comments!:slight_smile:

So freaking cool! :+1:

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Spyndel you’re right…made me think of The Thing :rofl: so gross…

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Incredible work.