ReDucto by Wayne Robson

Hey folks,

Wayne Robson has just released “Reducto”.

ReDucto is a standalone polygon reduction application.

ReDucto Features:

  • Unique Polygon Reduction Algorithm using its own AI that works out how best to reduce the polycount of your mesh created especially for digital sculpts. It gives better results that anything around currently.
  • Intelligent hole filling capable of filling ‘impossible holes’ other apps will reject
  • Industrial strength tri stripping and un-stripping
  • Bake Ambient Occlusion and Normal map data direct to your mesh at vertex level
  • Mesh merging of high polycount datasets
  • Find and Fix problems in your mesh such as rogue vertex, non planar faces many, many more
  • Face, edge and vertex optimisation to enable faster loading times
  • 3 types of subdivision not found in most applications
  • Customisable interface configurations
  • ReDucto is a standalone separate application and as such is totally application agnostic

More info & downloads can be found on his website.

so reducto is a standalone but mudwalker is a mudbox thing? the website is somewhat confusing as to what is what…