Redshift render is amazing!

I was playing redshift over the weekend. Not gonna lie, its pretty awesome!!


What is so awesome about it? Explain in detail please compared to BPR render or Eevee or Cycles?

I’ll have to dig in more to give you a solid answer. But as for now, I think it’s a great integration to the existing Zbrush features such as materials and lighting. For users like me who doesn’t know too much about blender and rely on Keyshot most of the time, this is great so far.

So how is it better than Keyshot then? And how about Zbrush BPR? Can you edit the materials? Are you using the free cpu version or paid gpu version? Does it render noise displacements? I’ve seen your other post. Are those all from redshift?

I’m asking these to you because you are the first zbrush user, that I saw, who thinks redshift is awesome. I’d like to know more about your experience if/when you get a chance please.

Hi Artistfu
This is a great! Love seeing how artists are using Redshift in ZB to bring their designs to life. I really like how this render showcases the complex design of this character and the Hardsurface work is awesome.

Keep up the awesome work! Can’t wait to see more :smiley:

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happy to see you enjoying it! :slight_smile: <3

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That’s awesome @artistfu It is through experimentation of the tools that you’ll see how Redshift/ZBrush will best fit your needs. It’s a great opportunity to be able to get feedback from a physical based rendering engine right within ZBrush as you are building your assets (be professional or hobby or freelancing assets). Very cool! Looking forward to seeing more of your works,

Hi Ian, Thanks for the comment! I was watching your tutorial the whole time!!

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Hi Jaime, thanks for the comment! And yes, I think with the PBR build in saves a ton of work for people like me as a concept artist. It’s been great so far!!

I don’t always have Keyshot in the studio I work at, but they always have ZBrush. And Redshift gives me the render result pretty fast that I don’t need to photoshop each render afterwards. And yes, you can edit your materials and it does render noise. (you can see I have a defualt noise on the mask)

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These are looking awesome!!! Thank you for posting. Glad your enjoying the Redshift integration.

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You are so welcome @artistfu - Keep up the excellent work. Glad the tutorials helped :smiley:

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Thank you, Paul for the comment! And thank you for your Stream with Finch!! I learned a lot from that video!