Redshift Patinas

Hi all! These are some ZBrush 2023 Redshift renders mimicking metal patinas, they were made using Polypaint and mixing two different Redshift materials (Mrgb truned on), using the TrimDynamic Brush with the Alpha 60 (turning off the Zadd mode) , you just need to combine two different colors and pressing Alt key to paint recessed areas and without Alt for peaks.
Hope you like it!

RS Patinas

The model is a relief based on the “Belfort Lion” sculpture, if you’re interested, you can watch the whole sculpting process on my Youtube Channel

Some Recordings of the process


awesome! thanks for posting Nacho! :slight_smile:

Thanks Daisuke!!

Fenomenal Nacho!!! Gracias por compartir :wink:

De nada Jaime, gracias!!

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New model, same patinas :sunglasses:

With some NPR filters…


One more :elephant: