Red Howler Monkey

Hi everyone,

haven’t posted here in a while but I love the updated website! :slight_smile:

I really love the way Red Howler monkeys look and sit around in the trees, so I tried to capture it.

Also inspired by Maria Panfilovas beautiful works.

Sculpted in ZBrush / Textured and rendered in Substance Painter with iRay

Artstation Link


WoW, love your take and how you’ve sculpted/separated both face from body sculpt…almost like a “peeling” feel to it. Splendid all around :+1: (your “figura” and “bang” are not shabby either) :wink:

Thanks so much @Jaime :slight_smile: Happy to hear that you liked it!

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Beautiful piece. I love the render. I didn’t think IRay can be so cool :slight_smile:

@nebular Glad to hear, thank you! Yeah I was quite surprised how far you can get with it, I just wish it had more controls and ways to adjust the lighting :slight_smile:

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If so, toolbag wouldn’t exist :wink:

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Wow!! This looks really cool.
A job welldone

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I think the same, it is an exceptional work, very well finished and full of details, I loved the green animal, very beautiful. :heart_eyes:

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Thanks so much @Jordan_Moodaliar and @alfredal . Really happy to hear :slight_smile: . Somehow I haven’t noticed the replies until now :grimacing:

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Awesome! I love how the monkey almost looks carved out of wood itself