Recommendations on first tablet

Hi there i recently started my journey with ZBbrush using keyboard and mouse which is not ideal obviously and currently looking for a decent tablet.
I know that Wacoms are considered the best there is but they are somewhat expensive so i have been looking for a
a more affordable alternative.
Has anyone used the XP-Pen Star06 i couldn’t find any reviews of 3D work with it.
It looks pretty good spec wise but i want to hear from some first hand experience.

Go on craiglist and look for a second hand Wacom Intuos 3,4 or 5.

I am not saying Wacom is the best (it probably is though), but it is truly proven for decades by the industry.

That thing is built like a Nokia and won’t break. Like seriously I sometimes place a hot bowl of soup on my Wacom tablet and eat while I work and it still function like new after 7 years.

Thanks for the advice looking for one already.

I’ve used an intuos 3 for years and just bought a medium intous pro about 2 months ago $349 and is perfect for my workflow. I believe you can make monthly payments through Wacom, but I saved up and purchased it through Amazon. Definitely worth it unless you wanna save for one of their screen tablets. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that even though you are shopping for a 1st tablet don’t make a purchase on something cheap that will not last for a few years. Size can be an issue as well as pressure sensitivity. The medium intuos pro is perfect because although the drawing space is a bit larger than my old intuos 3 it is not cumbersome like the larger tablets nor is it too small… and the pressure sensitivity is 4xs what my old tablet has. Between Photoshop and Zbrush it is perfect!!!