Recent work :)

Hi everyone just wanted to share a update on my last post . This is what I have be working on during my hard surface sculpting studies at Zarts academy. Concept inspired by amazing artist 2-dpanda C&C is always welcome. Thank you :blush: hi-Rez here


Glad seeing you post back on ZBC with this wonderful hardsurface work. @dannyartmcmullen
I have checked out the greyscale model and it looks really wonderful. :+1:
I would love to share your youtube turntable here, because its really stunning and very valuable for the community. Would be great if you could share some breakdown or wip :slight_smile:
Happy sculpting buddy and keep them cominโ€™
Kenny :slight_smile:

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Yes sure no problem . thank you for you possitive feed back :slight_smile: @KC-Production