RECAP: Pixologic user Group Meeting - April 13th, 2006


Pixologic User Group Held at Gnomon - RECAP

ZBrush went underworld with Luma Pictures Thursday, April 13th at The Gnomon School of Visual Effects. A terrific number of ZBrush users joined us for a virtual feast of vampires, werewolves, and their unholy progeny! Luma artists showed how they used Zbrush to create a veritable menagerie of characters and creatures, as well as the film’s digital fortress.

Visit our RECAP PAGE to learn how artists from Luma Pictures revealed some really cool production techniques of working with ZBrush to create a feast of visual effects.

Our presenters were:

Vincent Cirelli : CG Supervisor
Pavel Paenefsky : Lead TD
Chad Dombrova : Head TD
Ben Neall : Lead Modeler/Texture

April 13th, 2006

Gnomon School of Visual Effects
1015 N. Cahuenga
Holywood, CA




what about the jamaican thunder? hes not gonna be there?

it would be like seeing menudo without ricky

Not even going to mention about New York people
getting nothing again.
Nope ,am going to keep silent.

Hey bicc! Florida people too!! hehehe :smiley:

I wish I could pass by Gnomon to see the presentation and I know that probably putting the presentation in a video for us to download would be too much to ask.

Thx a lot Ryan for the info!


Haha, seems to be a trend developing. Zbrush is so global, but not so when it comes to presentations. I’ve offered to host one in Ottawa during the Annual International Animation Festival (World’s Second Largest), I get alot of people up from Nework and the rest of the East Coast. Many of my fellow panelists have been from New York’s great facilities. Oh well, I will leave the door open and pull in many of the industry’s best if people would like, as almost all major companies and facilities are represented here annually. :wink:

Ah Gentlemen, if there was only enough money and time in the world to have user group meetings everywhere! Alas, our corporate headquarters is here in LA. Luma’s in LA and Gnomon’s in LA. You might have noticed a quarterly thing developing with the user groups, as well. :slight_smile: We are doing our best, though, and I surely understand that ZBrush’s appeal and customer base is global. I personally have recommended that Hawaii be our next destination several times but it keeps getting shot down for some reason. :wink:

Jason - I think your part of Canada will have to wait till stepping out your front door doesn’t require 50 layers of clothing and an internal space heater! My weeks in Montreal have been enough cold for me! :wink:


:cry: No usergroup in the netherlands? we have ****ty weather but we have coffeeshops and the red light district :stuck_out_tongue:

red light district
Make that two votes for the netherlands:D

If you want to come to the UK you can borrow my living room for free. :wink:

Make that 3 :smiley:

Please come to London, i’ll buy the beer…:smiley:

That is one of my dream: to meet the Pixologic Team and my very appreciated ZB friends. At present is impossible to me but i wish sometime i can do it! For the moment will be very appreciated if we could have a sort of resume or tips from that meeting.
Congratulations Ryan

What about Brazil??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Marcus and Buckie I’m with you guys too could drive to london for that Gig for sure :slight_smile:
Guess we will have to hope for some feedback here at ZBC.
I would love to make the Netherlands trip too if there was a ZB event, haven’t been to Amsterdam for about ten years, great country and some real nice art over there too.


Seriously. Are you guys planing to do any User Group Meeting in Europe?

How I wish I could go :frowning:

Is there any chance of a recording of the event? Or some key parts anyway?

I am planing a New York meeting. And that would take place (have to ask but don’t see why not) in the Mac Donalds, Broadway, close to Wall Street. They have a great second floor recessed separatable room.

I bet Bicc is up for it as he confessed to his junk food addiction earlier on in some post.

Who would be up for it?


PS:Any better Manhattan suggestions would be welcome to. I bet we’re a small group so anything goes. I have a Mac Lap and could bring that with me so we can doodle a bit. I also have a 5 min slideshow to break the ice.

lemonnado: I’m in upstate New York, but would definitely make the 2.5 hour trip! We need North East Z-representation!

Vlad74 - There are no immediate plans for a european user group meeting.

London, Amsterdam all sound like alot of fun, though! :slight_smile:

Now, Brazil! How could we turn Kris down! Especially with all those beaches! I bet, though, that our smog is prettier than yours! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lupus D’Scotia - We are not planning on recording the user group meeting at this time, though, with all the information that Luma will be presenting we will have a recap of some kind. :slight_smile:



I am sure it was merely a typo, or perhaps an attempt to put the location on some sort of pedestal. Hmm…you decide. Come on guys Hollywood is not all that. There are plenty of great places. Me, I am in Arizona, so it’s not a terrible drive…IF IT WAS ON A WEEKEND!!! What happened there? Thursday night?? You’re killing me. Anyway, I am just kidding. I hope we get to see some good stuff and get some nice tips. Have fun!!:smiley: