Rebirth - Carlos Ortega - Works

A remake in 3D of a 2D piece I did a few years ago. I was never satisfied with the original 2d piece and did this version a few months ago, finally posting it here. Rendered in Maya in Arnold, hair generated with Ornatrix.


And some npr renders

I will use this new thread to post some of my recent works in progress, final pieces and excercises.

Thanks for watching!rebirth_npr_04.jpg


I was just looking at this and then it popped up on the top row! Congratulations, it’s beautiful.

Beautiful piece Carlos. The renders have made me start experimenting more with the NPR settings. The bottom render is my favourite, any chance you can say which filters helped to achieve this effect? John:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Very nice.

This is excellent work! Congrats!

Beautiful sculpt and renders. Keep up the great art.:+1:

You are still my favorite. Subtle touches that make your work really stand out.

Just became aware of your posting seen on twitter.
Love your work.
Right up there with J. Scott Campbell :smiley:

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Looks nice …!!!