Realtime Rendering Characters

Hi everyone! and Happy new year!

In September - December of 2012,
I created Fan Art models from “The Lord of the Rings”.
My favorite Characters “Cave Troll, Balrog, Gollum”

It was really hard work.
Of course, I’m working on a full time job in japanese Character modeler…

Today, I post some shots of the final result of the Marmoset toolbag.
Marmoset Toolbag is Realtime Rendering Toolkit.

I using a tessellation of DX11,
these shots are applying a displacement map.
Of course, the Highpoly model was made in all Zbrush.

Cave Troll - Marmoset Toolbag Realtime Rendering.

Balrog - Marmoset Toolbag Realtime Rendering.

Gollum - Marmoset Toolbag Realtime Rendering.

The next update is plan more Realtime shots & Zbrush shots!












dude these models are freaking amazing!!
especially gollum! fantastic job :slight_smile:
i would love to see some wires

Excellent work. :wink:

top row

exceptional work! 5 stars from me


wow yeah definitely top row material! keep up the great work man!

REALLY fantastic work here. The Gollum is just amazing.


This is top row work. The accuracy of the models is incredible. Looks like you took them straight from weta! The realtime render is pretty awesome too!

Wow. Stunning. Top row for sure!

brilliant work!
…and it’s a low polys work!! really nice performance!


Fan art!? Now that’s dedication! Top row for me :slight_smile:

WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE TOP ROW ALREADY!!! Some of the best I’ve seen. I would love to see how you did this. Seriously someone needs to write a book on how to use ZBrush to generate this type of game art. Well done.

Just wait a moment while I scrape the remains of my jaw back up off the floor! incredible work! I’m inclined to believe you screen capped them straight out of the movie they are that good! :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a 5 stars from me, I expect to see you get top row! would also love to see some of the WIPS and wires too. good job!

Thank you for many comments!

Today, more Marmoset shot & Zbrush shot.

I started all models from Zsphere.
My workflow is Zsphere>Dynamesh>Qremesher.


Cave Troll


first step modeling shot

sugoi !! dai tsuki desu.

Very nice stuff you are doing.

Phe·nom·e·nal !

great work! I follow your progress on FB and ZBC and can’t wait to see more. Thanks for sharing. I bought Marmoset toolbag over the holidays but haven’t gotten into it yet. hope to pull off some beautiful renders like you’ve done some day soon. Keep up the good work.

The balrog is fantastic! Amazing Work!

God, gotta post again, that stuff is so bad ass! Love Balrogen! :smiley: