Really Dark Art

This is my first illustration done in ZBrush and Softimage. I created it a few years ago when I started to learn 3D. Initially it was a valentine for my girlfriend but recently I have modified it a bit: the heart and the background.
Modelled in ZBrush and Softimage, rendered in Softimage and then treated with Photoshop.
It won the 1st place in the Gnomon Workshop’s Contest “Ghosts & Ghouls”
and the 2nd place in the “Dark Art” Contest.
Please keep in mind that the skull of the one cherub has newborn’s anatomy so it has different proportions than a adult’s skull.



ascension model.jpg

Really twisted and kinda disgusting but cool!

Cool! :+1:

I like it.

Thanks for your comments.

freakin cool i love it

dave8888 thx

Scapegoat sacrificing himself for the dying, blood hungry god - the Sun.
He hopes that his ultimate gift to the god will save doomed world.

Illustration created for the contest “Gift to the Gods”


Wonderful to see some art like this. Strong emotion. Thanks for sharing.

Had to comment on the work on your Homepage also. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Cool stuff. I checked out your website too. You’ve got some even better stuff on there. Am I correct in assuming you’re a Beksinski fan?

Thanks for your comments guys. Really appreciate it.
I am going to post here some more works soon.

And yes - Beksinski is a great artist.

Parthenogenesis preview.jpg



This is a serious thread. Very very interesting and really dark.

i really like the style.

Great work here, as well on Your website. Like it allot.

The last one reminds me a bit of the great artist Beksinski.

Please keep the art coming and us posted.

Thumbs up!

Really Dark Art

Awsome. i think i’m going to have nightmares now :wink:

Thx again.
I am going to post some new dark art soon.

Gutalin - amazing works on your website.

zb fisherwoman and her cat.jpg


fisherwoman and her cat.jpg