Realistic horse study

![horse_05_By_Khalixti|999x999, 100%](upload://7dqUUVkLcRXNO5G6XrVIn aCP6jX.jpeg)

I would like to share my latest project. I was interested in studying the horse’s anatomy. I was inspired by references on the Andalusian horse to get closer to the shape of the animal. I sculpted the horse in zbrush, and I made the topology in topogun.
Later, I worked the UVs with Maya. I went back to Zbrush to continue to work details and the pose.
I have done the texturing in substance painter. I have worked the hair with Xgen and I have rendered with Arnold render.
After to continue to work on some details and the pose I exported the displacement map from Zbrush so I can use it in Maya.
I used the lowest meshes for the render, the resolution is achieved with the displacement map subdivision in the render itself.
It is more complex to configure that map but it makes the file lighter.
For the hair I have used Xgen and his arnold material, creating all the necessary guides to give a hair look. Here I took references from the hair of animals such as the Andalusian for its long and wavy hair.


i saw on cgsociety. Very nice :wink:

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