Real world lighting script


I have a question
is there anyway to make the light of the scene stand still when I’m rotating around the object ?
something like the real world
like when the light is in front of my model, its always in front of it, no matter where the viewer stands (not always lights from the eye of the viewer )

I think it needs a script that rotates the light as much as the viewer rotates the screen or something like that
does such a thing exist ?

Just load in a EXR or HDR panoramic environment map into your background map input sub pallet in the lighting pallet and dial up your exposure and gamma strengths, in the same pallet deselect the “ROTATE WITH OBJECT” button. Then load lower resolution versions of the same environment map into the environment maps sub-palette at the bottom of the main “Lighting” palette and give the “DefaultDefuse” and DefaultSpecular" sliders a value of 1 each. Now give your main light “Intensity” a low value and bingo you’re done :slight_smile:

Keep in mind your quality of the global lighting generated by the environment maps will depend on the brightness of the HDR/EXR maps that you use.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile: