RE call a 3d object like the Texture Master

how do you re call a 3d object like the texture master.

does it recall the 3d object or does it snap shot it?

once you leave edit mode and switch tool i thought the 3d copyer wont work.
it seams it switches tools and re picks up the 3d object and places it back on the canvas with the copy applyed in the same spot.

how do you recall a 3d object you selected and then switch tools then recall the first object and place it back on the canvas in the same postion and same spot?

is it recording the canvas stroke and storing it and re using it to place the object back in the same spot?

if so how do you do this?

can i Please Get some Help :small_orange_diamond: Here

Hi CM,

Doesn’t Multimarker do what you want here?

Mark it, drop it, paint on it, restore it using the multimarker mark, then 3dcopy.


this is what im looking for.

if i have a 3D object and place it on the canvas
then switch to another tool and delete the 3D object
i want a Ibutton to recall that 3D object and place it in the same spot and postion the 3D object was originaly in.

i cant use canvas stroke on multimaker because recalling the first or last stroke might not set the 3D object to its original postion.

if i need to re explain just ask and i will try again so you can better understand it.

Try this:

After you multimark the object, do a TransformGet for Xpos and Ypos.

Then, when you want to restore the object, do a CanvasClick using Xpos, Ypos. That should restore the object because that clicks the spot on the canvas where the multimark should be (unless you are moving the markers… then, I don’t know what to do :rolleyes: )


can i see a zscript sample code
im not all that smart on zscript commands?

do this using the multimarker
  first stroke
  top Left :small_orange_diamond: 3D Cube
  second stroke
  Center :small_orange_diamond: Ring 3D
  on your last stroke
  bottom right :small_orange_diamond: 3D Cube
  in the canvas it will appear the tools are going from the top left corner to the bottom right corner
  ok now make a button to recall all 3 postion and make them go to the orginal postions.
 keep in mind
 i dont know how many strokes a user will use
 the only thing i think is messing it up is the x.y.z postion is calculating off of the LaST Stroke:(

the last stroke is the bottom right :small_orange_diamond: 3D Cube
and actualy the stroke needs to be dead center on the canvas to work
with proper amount of stroke to match the postions.

to tell you the truth i dont think it can be done :cry:


Sorry, I’m going to have to defer to someone who knows more than I do about what you might be trying to do. Good luck.


hey its A.O.K :smiley:
Like i said :small_orange_diamond: i dont think it can be done.

i done scratched my head to many times trying to figure it out:confused: