rblak's sketchbook

Like everyone else, I decided to start a sketchbook. Im an artist from Chicago who is always practicing and has a long way to go. Eventually, the goal is to break into the industry.

The first post is a collection of what i have worked on the last year. I also have a toy project i will be posting soon.

C&C always welcome

Thanks for looking.

This is the last character i finished. Its Nathan Fillion from Serenity/Firefly.

More in the next post.



full body.jpg


Serentiy final.jpg


This was sculpted in Zbrush, Decimated, and Rendered in Maya MR

(maya renders)


ryanblake_creeper back.jpg


ryanblake_creeper angle.jpg

(zbrush screens)




More coming soon

Firefly is one of my all time favorite shows, along with Serenity. Great sculpt, man. And I really like the sheeted female figure. There’s good tension and movement, but also a grace to the pose. And it’s a nice departure from the typical heavy, complicated body armor or over emphasized anatomy studies. Keep up the good work.

Thats a really nice piece loving the posture, anatomy, the movement of her body and arms,
the arms at at the and view i love

I love the girl, beautiful. I can imagine it printed and on my desk, :slight_smile:

the sculpt of the female is really great. very well done. I feel like its too dark, and doesn’t do it justice. the lighting you have is great, i just think it could use a bit of levels adjustment.

2 , 1.13 , 144 should leave you with a nice result in my opinion. great work, id like to see more

The female figure is a beautifl work.

Congratulations. I really love it.

Thanks for sharing.

Stunning female figure!

Cool female modeling, I like the idea!

Magnificent! The woman sculpt is very special … gesture, mood, execution. Bravo! :smiley:

Thanks everyone,

For whatever reason I have never considered to do a 3d print of this. Its something i am going to consider.

Thanks Shepard. B , I will totally do some adjustments, As of now these renders are straight from maya, no touch ups. It probably needs some PS love.

For the last year I have been working on a toy project for a small start-up company in Chicago called Box o Zombies. After a lot of work, 3d printing, prototyping, and looking for different manufacturers, the figures are finally ready to be released.

I did the zbrushing over a year ago. When we started the project we had a strict deadline and wanted to get them out by Halloween. This didnt give me very long to sculpt the figures.

Anyway, here are the figures. I will also be posting the old zbrush screens i took.

For those wondering.

-These are a max height of 2.5 inches tall.
-Made of a high quality PVC material

The figures are small so it was hard to take some sharp photos.
These are the boxes they come in.
Illustrations were done by artist Anthony Sixto.

Sickly Green

Pale Purple

If you have any questions, I will do by best to answer them.

Thanks for looking.




Can this company print other things? like if i wanted for one of my models printed could they do that?

hockey14 - It was actually to expensive to buy all of the equipment to do this, so we had to outsource. We went with Ownage printing. They also manufactured our boxes. If you wanted something printed you could contact them or a similar company.

#2 just blows me away!
Also cool to see your toy project - I’m a toy-designer-customizer myself. Looking forward to see more from you!

Great sketchbook rblak. You got a very solid anatomy going, I can learn a lot from ya.
The girl is fantastic, the pose and the realness is fantastic.
The cowboy is great too, aswell as the other guy :slight_smile:
Looking forward seeing more from you.
Best regards to Chigaco - Amazing pizza over there ^^
Cheers mate,

man great detail on the Serenity sculpt Joss Whedon would be proud .
the girl in the full body suit is amazing, its so engaging for such a simple sculpt
I’v been on here seance 2006, and have seen allot of sculpts but there’s something
about this one . :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
love the box O zombies ,only crit , you need one having a snack :smiley:

Great stuff! You need to find someone with a macro lens to take close ups. Enhance!

well done.


Box of Zombies—awesome. I’m in Chicago…where can I find this?

Good start to your sketchbook! Like everyone else, I really like the girl in the chroma key suit, or body condom. Whatever she’s wearing, it’s kind of sexy. :+1: