Razordisc Minatures - Biker Girl Pose #1 - At Rest


Keyshot AO and metal renders, as well as a ZB turntable

ZB Turntable


That’s a cool sculpt RAWSUNLIGHT, however, for some reason the handles (perhaps because of the pic angle) don’t seem to follow the front wheel angle position?

Keep it up :wink:


Hi Jaime…thanks for the feedback; for sure the joystick controls aren’t quite working…will have a (re)think.
Fusion guitar fan? Johnson? Monder? Holdsworth? McLoughlin? Zappa?
I play too :slight_smile:

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and Shawn Lane, Gambale, Steve Morse, this new kid of the block called Matteo Mancuso (check his right hand…fusion “a la flamenco” style :facepunch: Guthrie Govan, Paul Guilbert, Jason Becker, Tribal Tech, Greg Howe and sooo many more :slight_smile:


Hadn’t heard Mancuso…damn! That is some technique…I loved Paco De Lucia (music my dad played me growing up) but his fusion excursions were sometimes a tiny bit sloppy…this guy though, wow…thanks for that :slight_smile: