Razorback Whiptail

I made a sculpting tutorial on youtube going through my process of sculpting the scales: Razorback Whiptail Zbrush Speedsculpt Workflow - Sculpting Scales - YouTube
I decided to use a more laborious method of doing them all by hand and sculpting each one then masking out and pulling it over to create the overlap. It was so much fun creating this creature and detailing it the way I did.
You can buy Dragon Scale brushes that i have made to help you sculpt faster (they are cheap):
Gio Soft Forms Brush:
Sculpting brushes
Kurtis Dawe (@kurtisdawe_creative) • Instagram photos and videos


Looks very awesome. I like how the scales turned out with the body shape.

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Awesome work @KurtisDawe_Creative thanks for sharing the process scale video too :wink:

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