I have always loved superheroes, especially growing up with shows like Teen Titans. Raven is my favorite character from the show/comics because of how mysterious and powerful her abilities are. I had a lot of fun recreating the concept by Julio Cesar, with a more stylized approach. The most fun part was setting the mood for the lighting and trying to showcase Raven’s personality from that, along with her Raven birds and translating what Julio had done with his initial concept that intrigued me so much in the piece. I was inspired in portrait photography as well. I also worked on giving her a mix between realism and stylized, adding micro-detail to the clothes and skin. Balancing that was interesting, especially with the Ravens because I didn’t want to break continuity between both. Thank you to everyone who helped chime in critique, especially to my mentors and to discord communities :slight_smile: Hope you like it!



Zbrush, Maya, Substance, Mudbox, Arnold, Photoshop



Experimenting with graphical highlight falloffs - softer on the face, harder on the raven. Nice. Set by materials or multi-passes?

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Hi! Thank you!
Most of it is set by light-linking in the render settings to certain objects. But it’s also the materials! In the end I did work on some post editing with Photoshop and Lightroom, so that also helped changing up values in highlights and shadows. :parrot:

Ooh a dancing parrot :smile:
Thanks for the reply Bella and welcome to the forum.

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