Raul the Border collie - fiber mesh to hair and fur on 3d studio max and vray

This is a cartoon version of my dog, I did as a way to learn the iteration of fiber mesh and hair and fur, and how to render fur with vray. It was close to a week of try and error until I got this result, hope you all like.
Thanks a lot







Wow excellent job! Excellent use of fiber mesh. Do you have any tips with about using vray for rendering the fur? I’m trying to do something with a similar project involving putting fur onto a canine.

Also you work on the Borgias show is astounding!

Wow… gives me something to shoot for in Max… Didn’t even know it could be done, Thanks… :slight_smile:

Thanks @blueferret hope this little break down help you when you give a shot.

thank you @Berserker44 to ensure your question I made this very simple tutorial highlighting the most important parts in opnion.
I hope this helps you save some time when you do your project, cause some of those things toked me hours to find out :slight_smile:


Great work! a cute dog indeed. A little too much noise for my taste, but i really like the way the fur looks.

very interesting… i was looking for a zbrush fibermesh -> 3dsmax hair and fur so I do have some questions if you dont mind answering:

  1. how many curves are you exporting out? when i try export anything less than 3000 curves i end up with alot of bald patches.
  2. I noticed you have vrayhairmtl on your second row of slots, what was the reason for not using them?
  3. render times… how long did it take?lol
  4. Did you try exporting fewer curves if so did you notice a significant difference in rendering times?
  5. did you follow the vray manual and use brute force + lightcache as gi options? if not what did you use? I find anything but brute force and LC will cause splotchy rendering of hair.

Anyways, good job. i hope to see more works of this quality from you.

Hey gyarados, thanks for the kind words. I got to agree, now i am starting to think it was too much noise :stuck_out_tongue:
Any ways I ensured your questions, hope it helps :slight_smile:
Any other question please ask, I know there is not a lot of material out there, I was looking for it too.

1-I did the head body and tail as individual parts, so it was 17000 for the head 25000 for the boddy and 6000 for the tail.
2-I didnt like the results with the vrayhairmtl, But I did not try too hard, lol, after some tests I saw the results were coming better with the standard hair material so I decided to go with that.
3-My test renders were taking about 1 hour or 2, depending on the hair count, my final render with high res and all the passes was about 7 hours. but my computer is not too powerful, its a 3 years old i7 with 12gb of ram.
4-Yes I tried less curves, more curves gives you more precision on how much the shape will look like the fibermesh shape. but the number of hair and options like thickness and frizz will be defined by your settings on the hairandfur setup. but more curves will take longer to import.
5-No I didn’t, I should try it some time. I used irradiance map + light cache

Great model, well fibred, but too much white of eye, making it look like a human eye in a dog’s face.

Thanks, happy you like it, about the eyes, that is intentional, most cartoon characters have big shinny human eyes.