Rathalos: KING of the Sky (Fan art)

Hi everyone, this dragon is call Rathalos, from the video game Monster Hunter. As you expect, it just like any other ordinary dragon that can fly and breath fire.:lol: This time, I had took the original design and gave it a realistic twist. First of all on the detailing, I was avoiding using alphas, specially on those scales and scratches on it’s skin, teeth and horns. I think that way it looks more natural and organic to me. Indeed, it did take some time, but I was enjoy doing it every moment. Secondly, I am quite satisfy with the rendering result it came out, the image showing is entirely rendered in zbrush only, no photoshop, no keyshot ! I am glad that it could be accomplished by few custom materials and some BPR filters and lighting, as long as you know what effect you wanted to achieve. Finally, I am thrilled to be noticed that you can actually make some fire inside zbrush through sss material. The shape of the fire is simply make by hook-brush and standard move brush. The fire in the image is not anywhere near prefect, I am still experimenting with the setting and studying the form of real fire, in order to make it looks more realistic and convincing. Thank you for looking, comments and feedback are more than welcome. OK, time to move on to next project.



Awesome work, welcome and hope to see lots more of your work! :smiley:

Cheers, David

Thanks, sure I will.:slight_smile: