Rasterbuster - My Zbrush Challenge

Hello all!: ) My name is Urszula Wigierska - I am a 2D graphic designer and I want to learn Zbrush!
I hope this public commitment will keep me strong and motivated!

About me: As a 2D graphic designer I make graphics for mobile games and cartoon character concepts. This is my true passion and I want to push it further - I would like to learn 3D!: )) I believe it will improve my workflow.
MY GOAL for this 2016 year is to be able to make characters in Zbrush effectively.
For now I find myself mostly as a traditional drawer.
I know some design basics, as I graduated from the Graphic Design and completed two online character design courses at CGMA.
Here are some of my previous 2D works: www.ilugame.blogspot.com
Few months ago I moved from Warsaw to North Carolina (Cary/Raleigh) - my husband is a 3D modeler and we came here for his work reason.
This means I am on a new continent now, which is a really huge life change for me!
Well…I guess I will make it even more complicated now, hehe; )
Every day I’m making various projects, taking care of home and our freshly adopted dog, thinking about some business ideas to launch etc… However I can still find some time to gain new skills and start to learn Zbrush!
Welcome to my thread, where I will be putting my work in progress projecs.
I hope this public commitment will keep me strong and motivated.
Any feedback and comments appreciated!!

I have spent the last few days on getting to know some interface fundamentals of Zbrush. I know the very basic operations within the sphere now, so - probably as most typical - I’ve started from an attempt to model aface.
On that point I encountered my first problem - a flat face.
I wanted to make a head (which turned to be a squirrel…) and I really liked it from the front! But when I turned it into a profile, it looked so painfully flat. The same happened to some other faces I experimented with. That wasn’t what I expected…; p
As a 2D graphic designer I am used to see my projects as flat images. I have never got any 3-dimensional sense. Adding any depth to pictures, theory of light and shadows - it was all a big mistery for me.
Well…I will keep on practicing!
In the meantime I’ve started to watch a tutorial ‘Shane Olson’s Beginner Zbrush Training - Create a Simple Cartoon Character’- but it’s a bit too hard for me. I need to start with more basic tutorials.
Because of my great impatience, I’ve been always more into an individual practice, than watching someone else’s step-by-step working. I want to change that, so I will try to patiently go through some learning materials.
I already see, that this 3D challenge will change not only my skill, but also (hopefully) my impatient personality.
:idea:I want to define my dream quality - Do you know some interesting 3d character modelers (cartoon style)? Any names/links appreciated!

PS. I’ve created my fb public comittment page, called ‘Rasterbuster’ https://www.facebook.com/Rasterbuster I am putting there my vips and some life/graphic news. You can track/support me there as well, if you like: )

I am new to the forum, so please forgive and advise on any mistakes.
Also, I’m a girl, so sometimes I write too much - I will try to keep it brief! :slight_smile:



Ok, so I’ve went over the basic terminology + actions and I put it into practice. I am starting modelling from a sphere and getting used to switching the camera view all the time. Now I can
get a better profile, which is not that flat now.
It took a while for me to understand how the dynamesh works, but finally I accepted the point of using it and feel more powerful now; D
I’ve started from a typical face modelling, but I think I am getting into details too quickly.
I need to focus now on setting the appropriate size and proportions - that’s why I decided to learn some low poly basic shapes first - and this will be my next step!


keep it up :+1:

Based on your great 2d work, and the obvious progression of your 3d work, (somewhat more than 1%).
It won’t be long before the two become one, and I look forward to seeing the results of your journey.
If you haven’t already checkout 2.5D as that is like drawing in 3d.
I really like the character bust No4 top row second image.
Your on your way have a great journey :slight_smile: :+1:


Thank you guys for the words of support! :):slight_smile:
Scruffy, thank you for the motivation and the youtube tutorial! I really like that dishonored style, I will need to go through that - I am making a style and artist research at the moment, to set my quality goal for the future: )
As a 2D cartoon character designer, I am more into a ‘funny’ style at the moment. On the other hand, my husband (as a 3D modeler) makes more serious and realistic sculptures… And this also becomes interesting for me…Maybe it would be my goal for the distant future, who knows…; )
However - For now I am focusing on cartoon characters and the Zbrush fundamentals! I will keep on posting!

As I planned, I’ve focused now on the basic shapes and proportions - without refining the details. I tried to form them from a single sphere or by using zspheres. I’m still not sure which way suits me more, but it’s good to get to know some alternatives: )
I feel that I am more familiar with the dynamesh at the moment, but I may use the second way for quick sketching up, moving and posing my models.

While modeling some quick poses, I realized that I need to refresh some anatomic basics. At the same time I got an invitation for a live drawing session- so I happily took my sketchbook and went for the event: ) I made some quick sketches based on a mostly 2 minute poses - it was a really interesting challenge! Now I feel a need to practice to catch the poses and gestures more clearly - I haven’t drawn a life model for such a long time, it’s just unnacceptable!; ) Looking forward the next session!

In the meantime I’ve sculpted more models - I will post them soon. However - I need to learn more anatomy first!


For the the last week I’ve been trying to find some time for a regular practice - here are the next results.
There are uncountably many things to understand and I am really trying hard to tame my impatience - and learn everything step by step.

That’s why at the moment I am getting to know how subtools work. This section is quite clear for me at that early stage (which is adding an eye…;p), but probably will get more complicated while appending/transforming more and more parts to the scultpure…I hope I won’t get lost!

Next post coming very soon and in the meantime - Happy Easter everyone!: )))march_26_small.jpg


Overdue updates!
I spent the last week on these two issues. At first, I took Matt Nolte’s concept art (as I am a huge fan of his drawings!) and I tried to model a similar character. The hardest part was to mantain the look of one side while remodeling the other. So, the seemingly simple concept turned out to be a real challenge for me.
At the same time I couldn’t resist from getting to know how to colorize my models.
When I had the primary shapes set, I’ve used the standard brush to add different tones. I find the polypaint quite addictive and fun- my projects looks happier now ������
This week I’ve made more projects based on concepts - but I still can’t deal with one main problem…I’ll focus on that in the next post.