rasmusW sketchbook

hey all!

thought it was about time to show some stuff again. this is actually my second sketchbook thread, but my first under my real name.
i’ll start of with a new composite of my action hero entry. a wip of a model i’m currently working on and a picture from a creature concept session, i recorded just recently.
right now i’m trying to do a better compression of the vids.
enough babling… here we go…




Wow dude, thats impressive, i wish i was this good, give a lnk to the first skecthbook.

Impressive first post in your new thread!
Absolutely good work on the creature and it´s so great to see Arctic again!
The final picture looks brilliant! I love the cold colors!
Although it´s the beginning of summer I can feel an icy breeZe.
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

like I’ve said before, I really like that hero character - great idea with the snow flakes on the costume [he kinda looks like a winter Olympian hehe]

Awesome stuff dude - looking forward to seeing more!
I agree with Magda - i like that entry! Did you enter it in the final for the zb action hero contest? I don’t remember seeing it before…

Anyways - keep up the good work! 5 stars from me… :smiley:

sick stuff bro :smiley:

Hey Ras, Awesome stuff bud. Love that hero. The new monster looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing more.


some great designs :+1: :+1: :+1:

Wow Rasmus

Freaking cool work!!!

Totally looking forward to seeing more :smiley:

great creature designs rasmus :+1: keep them coming :slight_smile:

monster is really cool + the incredible snow flake is dope!
luv it! cool stuff :+1: :+1:

just a small crit - the right forearm of mr. snowflake is quite short compared to the rest of the arm… you might angle the upper portion of the arm behind him a bit (from the shoulder) to allow some addition space for the forearm without lowering the hand-would add a bit of twist to the hip while doing that for dynamics (and added exposure of the obliques)… besides, looks very dope! hope it’s not too anal of an observation :sunglasses:

fantastic work

rasmusW - nice nice nice

powerful and dynamic stuff here. Subscribed and please come em coming

Very cool work!
Best regards, Selwy

Whaou ! i love your superhero ! ESpecially his face ! great sculpt and great render.

Great stuff rasmus, I especially like the last one!

Great work, very inspiring stuff :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see your skills in action eheheh!

It was always a favourite of mine in the contest, awesome render.
Love the new sculpts too, I really like your style.

fantastic sculpting and really interesting characters. would love to see a close up of the super heros face and some more angles :slight_smile: (edit: oops just checked out your entry in the action hero contest for more images of him, most excellent progress)
keep up the awesome work

youve got some really cool stuff!:sunglasses: