rapid prototyping and zbrush in the arts

I just had my senior art exhibition and I used zbrush for most of my sculptures. Zbrush and a 3d printer. 3D printing is really an amazing thing and zbrush is a very powerful tool. I hope more fine artists learn to use it because it really is limitless. It’s far too tempting just to use this tool to make your favorite super hero or a horrible monster or a hot babe. Here are some pictures of the zbrush sculpt and then the finished product. enjoy! check out more at: “its all about alan


more: www.itsallaboutalan.com



In the near future,one would imagine, 3d printers by Matel under Christmas trees …everywhere…:slight_smile:
Your art would be a curator’s dream, simple, well presented and only a hint of “l’art pour l’art”. I’m not sure that the motion capture suit will become the new ‘black’…

Great stuff…keep it up!

Hey ! that’s such a good idea ! fantastic :smiley: that’s fun how the lowest poly character are cool in real! like your concepts too :idea:

i think low poly stuff looks the best on a 3d printer because it never looks “man made”. i think its important that 3d prints look digital.

…of Zb! :smiley:


i love the dog pyramid! well done

awesome stuff…the dogs and the tv is really cool…nice idea too…actually all of them are amazing and beautiful presentations.

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

thank you.

Gotta love the fact that someone picks up zbrush and comes up with concepts like this. Gotta love the “print out” art. Very :cool:.

I like the blood creature


now i have a new website with all my 3d prints documented.
I didn’t put up the zbrush renders but i think i should.

fun stuff

I like the printing you have done here…


Really cute…

Really nice works, congratullations!

yea I like it congrats on your work nice too see something really different.ya crazzy and ya cute.
Look forward too seeing some more soon:):).

Cool stuff.

I like the houses and huts much more then any of the Humans or animals.

More original and I thought the design was not as strong with the humans.

But the houses and huts were really cool. Have not seen stuff like that 3d printed yet.

How much did it cost to get all those printed, and where did you take them? I thought it was still pretty expensive to have somebody print these…

Well done.

:+1: very lovely work , i like them very much , great inspritation!