Raph from TMNT. This is a personal group project where me and the very talented Sebastiao Lopes created a ready-to-animate character and a printable statue.

I was responsible for modeling, retopo, hand painting the textures and prep this model for 3D printing, while Sebastiao was responsible for rigging this bad boy.

Download free rig here.

Also, you can print this cool but crude turtle by following any of these links:

Tag us if you post any animations on the web or any photos of the statue, we would love to see what you will do with it. And please, be a cool person and credit all the people involved in this project.

3D Model and Textures by Joao Sousa @joaosousaart
Rigging by Sebastiao Lopes @sebastiaolop
Concept Art by Luigi Lucarelli @helloluigi
Original character created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird



Lovely work!

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and lit very nicely too :+1:

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Great model and render :+1:

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Thank you everyone :smiley:

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Raph has always been my favorite even in the TMNT you done a great services creating this.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Awesome Job!

Thank you :slight_smile: