Raja Haroon Sculpt

Hi, Last two week i am working and learning zbrush sculpting this is what i achieve please comment and help me to improve my work …Thanks :sunglasses:BPR_Render Final.jpgBPR_Render Without Skin.jpgWireFrame.jpgOld_Man_Model for zbrush.jpg


BPR_Render Final.jpg

Old_Man_Model for zbrush.jpg

You should share more then a view of the charcater. What about sharing your ref + front and side view?

Currently, it’s off, but could be fix easily if you share the ref and some other views to help you

Here are some more render and Ref use for Sculpting…:smiley:CrazyTalk-3D-Face-Fitting-02.jpg


oh my, thats why. Your ref is not super easy to use. Nothing align properly. It’s way easier to model when you have good references.

But its a simple fix. Just need to find the proper angle for the side view to match the front. After you can restart modelling

Try that. Basically the ref from the side view was rotated so the nostral match the front view and everything was scale up so distance between eyes, mouths and nose match the front view.


Look like the side view has a way bigger head right? but its just the lens distortion from the front view. Depending on which lens they use for taking those refs you need to apply that distortion in your 3d camera to better sculpt. Im guessing a 50mm lens was used. Have a look to my chart to better understanding the issue beginner artists face when trying to match ref.

Smaller the lens number = more distortion = start using the ears and the head shape.




Thanks Man, that’s a Great help and you are right i sculpt this model only using left view… for the front i just use my guess. thank you for your help …