RAID: Shadow Legends cinematic character

Hi all, I made this character for the cinematic “RAID: Shadow Legends”. Here are my own renders which I made for presentation. More renders and 360 video is here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mqyqd9


Icy piece:cold_face:, awesome sculpt @Igor_Golovkov . Really like how you’re blending the flesh to ice. Can you share the high poly clay version?

Ice turned our really really nice! Thanks for sharing,


Happy that u enjoy it! I have only low res clay version, which was rendered for turntable video, I’ll post it soon (uploading into the youtube)


Great work

Top notch Igor, thanks for sharing the turn table :wink:

Me encantan este tipo de trabajos, porqué yo sé que no es nada facil para llegar a tener ese resultado :smiley: , yo espero algun dia llegar a ese nivel :smiley:

Just Brilliant !!!

I just replied to @Sergey_Romanenko 's post, and I’ll say the same to you!
"I’ve been seeing ads for this game recently, you guys have been putting in amazing detail into the characters, as well as the ad cinematics! Well done! :crossed_swords: "

Thank u, glad that u like it, I’ve spent a lot of time for this character and love it

This is just amazing, i love it is a fantastic work.