Raff's Sketchbook

Hey all,
Recently picked up a copy of ZBrush for home use to get my sculpting fix because I’ve been entrenched in programming work for too long at work :slight_smile:

Used it before, but usually in a rather passive manner, without really bothering exploring the toolset past what I immediately needed.
Now going through some quick sculpts to find excuses to play with more of it, and quite enjoying myself actually.

So, here’s the first of my noodlings, couple hours for the skull, which shows in how many unpolished areas, and way too long messing around with the horns, probably something in the order of 5 or 6 hrs, trying to get them from a lumpy, piled growth at the base to sharper and flatter younger growth at the end.

No particular story or reason behind this other than a good excuse to play with some brushes





Not even sure what this should be called…
I know I started off wanting to do some hard-lines kind of modelling but not quite designery hard surface, was shooting more for wet clay and wide wood and balsa subtraction work, and I knew I wanted to throw in something of the spartan helmet look and a couple of off beat features like side nostrils and a trifold mouth.

This is what it ended up like, was good fun and good practice actually.


It feels awfully awkward to type the same stuff in three or four places :slight_smile: so for the story of it:

a quick exercise in letting go!