Racing Car created using Zmodeler!

Hi Everyone!

This is my latest personal project of an Indy racer car modelled in ZBrush.

The project was created from a love of vintage motorsports, particularly from the 1960’s-70’s. After looking at a lot of different cars/designs I decided to model a 1967 Indianapolis 500 Indy Race car Gerhardt, driven at the time by Gordon Johncock.

The car, driver, track circuit and stands were modelled entirely in ZBrush using the Zmodeler tool. The only elements that were created outside of ZBrush are the trees and crowd which were added with library content and Forest Pack for the grass.

The final renders were created using V-Ray for 3DS Max - there are 2 versions, one shows the car on the race circuit that was built up from scratch which allowed flexibility with the camera angles and a racing illustrative style. The other version is created using a HDRI and backplate for a more photographic approach. The HDRI was purchased from panocapture.com - a fantastic website and resource for 3D artists.

The isolated elements and breakdown shots are below and they were all rendered using the BPR render in ZBrush.

Due to upload restrictions, the higher resolution versions can be viewed on my website at this link



Killer work Favorite is the zmodeller pieces looking like a parts illustration

Thanks d100763!

For the illustrative style of the pieces, the subtools were isolated and laid out using the snapshot feature to drop them to the canvas. The polyframed versions had the ‘flat color’ material applied and everything was then rendered using BPR in ZBrush.


…race’s cars! :sunglasses:

It’s an existing place ?

This is a pretty hot project!
I love it very much.
Fantastic execution and renders!

My favourite time are the very first years of formula one, 1950-55 / Fangio area.
And even older.
Do you know those guys?
You’ll love their stuff.

Maybe something for you to join for one project?

Good job!

Thanks for the kind comments guys!

@Frenchy Pilou, the racetrack was created from scratch with elements based on real courses but was built randomly in ZBrush as a scene for the car to race around on. For reference images etc I use spotlight a lot whilst working to get everything as accurate as possible.

@knacki thanks for sending over the link to unique-limited, that is a brilliant website with really nice work and very inspirational! I will have to have a look into the 1950 F1 cars for a future project too.


If you need some information about the 50’s check out slotforum/scratch building.
Those old slotcar freaks guys have an outstanding knowledge about those days :wink:
Keep up the good work.

Nice! I’ll have a look into the slotcars and scratch building, it sounds great, especially for future projects. Cheers Knacki!