Rabbit Warrior

So I am working on my demo reel, because frankly I want a real job that i like. I went to school (nearly a decade ago?), but it was mostly Maya and animation focus.

Project one was born in a strange kind of way. Me and a Co-Worker were taking about DnD, where he wanted to start a campaign where the characters go to a town to investigate a series of thefts, but it turns out its really the epic battle between villagers and bunnies/rabbits.

So doing some research I found this concept art;

Screenshot 2019-04-04 21.16.19.png

But it really didn’t fit the story line, so i made some alterations and came up with this

So this is kinda where i’ve ended up;

Screenshot 2019-04-04 21.25.11.pngScreenshot 2019-04-04 21.25.05.png

So looking for some criticism or ideas on how to improve this.

I am also going to looking to use fibre mesh to give it some fur, any advice of a mesh to use? or a tutorial to follow? Should i retopo it before I fibre mesh?

Many thanks guys

Hi dude, I’m in no way qualified to give you advice but I have seen some really nice tutorials about using fibremesh to generate guide curves which you can then use in Xgen/Maya. I tried a couple of tests and got some really nice results. Have a Google for the tuts and ping me a message if you have trouble finding them.