Quick Tools ZBrush Plugin

I’m an active ZBrush lover but I’ve run into some stuff that I hate doing over and over again, and other stuff I thought they should have added into r8.
So I tried to make all those things as quickly as possible and that is what this plugin is about. I will also keep updating this as I run into more issues.

My previous plugin was EaZy Toolz but decided to leave that one with r7. If you donated to that one I’ll make sure you get a free copy! Otherwise, you can buy it for $0,99 -> https://gum.co/WSJJr
Here are some features:

One click extraction with a polished edge
One click curve brush(with weld option)
Fast way to use insert brush on amesh with SDivs and layers.
One clickpolypaint to texture file with choice of size.
Surface noise switch turning on and off all the noise.
Slider to put all subtools to certain SDivs also with an option so it will only affect the visible subtools.
Mirror function that works with SDivs(It will reconstruct SDvis).
Delete all surface noise.
center mesh in x/y/z or all
toggle sub group export for all subtools.
Bake all layers for all subtools also with an option so it will only affect the visible subtools.
Export all subtools, It will go through all your subtools and it will automatically click export you can still put in a name.
Hp export, Export the subtool but deletes uvs before exporting this will save a lot of time with dense meshes.
See-through switch I like to put this one on a hotkey so you can turn it off and on with a key. The amount can be assigned in the preferences menu.
Setting panel loops up so it will be able to reconstruct.
Mask by polygroups switch also really nice to have a hotkey on.

And as I said more coming soon! PLease feel free to drop a feature request so I can take a look at it.

Huge thanks to marcus_civis for always helping out with problems.