quick sketch

I thought id join arturo in making an old man from memory without refrence. seemed like a fun thing to do to kill my bordom. I also done a quick beast/wolf monster. both where made in about 45 each. alot will go into refineing,detailing and i want to hair the wolf. I hate the skin material I am using. so if any of you guys have a nice sss material for xsi please share :evil:small_orange_diamond:+1:
also, both models are used from the same base mesh. can I blend the 2 into each other to make an animation in xsi? id love to see what happens.







another of the old man.

This looks more like it was done in Mudbox rather than Zbrush!?

Nice work either way :wink:

Great work, I like where this is going :slight_smile:

Without reference, huh? Great start so far, I’d say! That’s a great exercise for testing your own knowledge of anatomy.

thanks everyone. I worked on the old man a little today. I think I am into about 2 hours and 40 min. I dont like it but still working from memory. looks pretty goofy to me. I went ahead and started detailing it and will go back to the lower subs and work on forms more.





I had some time today, changed the model a little bit and done a quick texture. I am still not liking somethings. :confused:


Lovely render!
I think what’s wrong is that on your model, all the skin is lumpy and textured, but on a real face, there are always areas that are smooth, even on a very old face. A little more specular would improve things too.
Love the eyes, what did you render it in??

thanks for the feedback. its rendered in zbrush with a material and light that I created. the added texture map helps, but its to light I think and cartoonish looking. I guess I will start using refrence of old people now and see where I can take it.

here is a front view without eyes. after I get the model the way I want it I will add hair and such. I used photoshop on the background and to darken the skin tone a little.


This is looking nice, but this is what I think is happening. I know you’re working from no reference (and doing a damn fine job of it), but it looks like you are getting into the skin texture and details before you are finished with the basic facial structure. Mainly it’s the area around the mouth and cheeks.

Take Monstermaker for instance and this image of his.


He gets the structure down rather quickly before even moving onto the skin texture details. Yet even at that stage there is a definate feel of the form. I am not quite getting that from this model. But I think this is easily fixed by moving down a couple subdiv levels and working with a lowerpoly model to get general shape down more.

This is just my observation. I must say though, that after viewing your other models, you should have no problem in making this one as awesome as your others!

thanks for the feedback. I played with it a titch more but will really change things in a couple days. one thing I like about zbrush is being able to texture at a high level, then move down and modify if you have to.


Change material and it will solve the problem , now it looks like some latex mask , and other lights.